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What Is Included in 2Go Travel 60 Kilos Free Baggage Allowance?


2go baggage allowance free

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2Go Travel offers FREE 60 kilos of personal baggage allowance but a lot of passengers are confused why they are made to pay additional for baggage fee when they get to the port.

UPDATE July 27, 2018: 2Go Travel is now offering ONLY 60 kgs of free personal baggage allowance!!! The old allowance was set at 75 kilos.

Our Super Ferry Promo Fare team will attempt to give details based on our understanding of the 2Go Travel baggage rules and fees.

However, please note that if you want 100% correct answer, you should contact 2Go directly and talk with their customer service representative. The hotline number of 2Go Superferry is (02) 528 7000. You can also try to ask the ticketing officer when you buy your ticket on the following concerns:

  1. What you can bring that is part of the 60 Kilos free baggage allowance?
  2. What items requires additional baggage fee, aside from porter fee?
  3. How much you will pay for freight charges of motorcycle or car?
  4. Will you be required to pay when you get onboard and when you disembark at your destination? Bayad pagsakay, bayad pagdating?
  5. Other concerns

Again, the hotline of 2Go is (02) 528 7000. Or you may also try to contact the local 2Go office in your city or town for any concern you may have about baggage handling and rates.


Based on our assessment, personal baggage are only those necessary things that you need for your trip in reasonable amount. This would be for your personal consumption. Samples would be the following:

  • Clothes including underwear for the entire duration of your travel
  • Hygiene stuff like shampoos, soap, lotion, perfumes, etc
  • Make-up and accessories
  • Extra shoes, sandals, slippers
  • Important documents, papers, travel itineraries, etc.
  • Reasonable amount of food, snack items, beverages
  • Personal gadgets like cellphone, tablet, laptop, camera, tripod, etc
  • Baby food
  • Medicine travel kit
  • Money and jewelries
  • others in reasonable volume or quantity

The operating words would be “reasonable amount needed for your travel personal use”. If you bring one big bag of lotions, then that would be considered “commercial quantity” and not “personal effects or items”. And chances are if you do bring that, the shipping company will charge you a baggage handling fee.

Ultimately, the assessment for baggage fee will depend on the officer at the port who will check your baggage. You will know then if pasok ang dala-dala mo sa 60 kilos of free personal baggage allowance or hindi.

*The porter fee is different from baggage fee.

*The port terminal fee will be collected separately by the Port Authority (not 2Go).

If you have any complaints about what you feel is wrong assessment of your baggage charges or you feel you were overcharge, you can contact 2Go to file a report.



The data below for the Superferry passenger cargo tariff rates were source from 2Go Travel directly. This Tariff list is effective as of December 15, 2017.

For any request for clarifications, please contact (02) 528 7000 or visit a 2Go boat ticketing outlet.

2Go Passenger Cargo Tariff Rates and Excess Baggage

General Cargo Items Rates

GENERAL CARGO ITEMS (To/ From Manila) Visayas Mindanao Interport
Goods of Commercial Quantity Php 10  per kilo Php 15  per kilo Php 8  per kilo
Electronic Appliances Php 250 per pc Php 300 per pc Php 100 per pc
Sports Equipment Php 200 per pc Php 250 per pc Php 100 per pc


Firearms Deposit Rates

Short Firearm (SF) Php 150.00 per piece with 3 magazines (Free)
SF Excess Magazine Php 50.00 per magazine
Long Firearm (LF) Php 250.00 per piece with 3 magazines (Free)
LF Excess Magazine Php 100.00 per long magazine


*Personnel from the PNP, AFP, NAVY, and MARINES are entitled to 20% discount upon presentation of Mission Order. Mission Order is required to avail of the discount on firearms deposit.


Live Animal and Plant Carrier’s Fee

Cut Flowers & Plant Seedling (more than the fighting cock box in size) Php 75 per pc
Potted Plants (beyond 1 feet in diameter and not exceeding 4 feet in height) Php 150 per pc
Wire Cage (regardless of animal kind & quantity); cage standard size is 21″x 14″x 15.5”


P150 per pc
Box Cage (BC) with standard size – 21″x 14″x 15.5″
              BC 1 to 5 Fighting Cocks Php 150 per head
              BC 6 to 10 Fighting Cocks  Php 120 per head
              BC 11 or more Fighting Cocks      Php 100 per head
             BC 1 to 5 Chickens (non-gamecock)           Php 30 per head
             BC 6 or more Chickens (non-gamecock)   Php 25 per head
             BC Chicks (free if below three (3) heads) Php 15 per head


*Fighting cocks, chickens (non-gamecock) must be placed in a box cage. Otherwise the cargo will be denied entry.

Terms and Conditions for Plants and Animals Cargo

  1. Plants in general must have quarantine certificate as requirement.
  2. 2Go Travel is not liable for any loss and deterioration of these items while on board.
  3. Livestock are not allowed onboard except fighting cock / chicken and with corresponding quarantine certificate.
  4. Pets and other animals (except for endangered species) are allowed on board provided they are properly caged and with quarantine certificate.

SuperFerry Promo Fare Advises and Tips for those bringing Plants and Animals / Pets as Cargo

Pets (non-commercial)

  • Animal Health Certificate
  • Certificate of Ownership

Bring your pet’s vet records or Health Certificate card and provide a cage for your pet.

The location of the quarantine office is usually near the port area, ask the 2Go personnel to direct you to the nearest office so you can secure your travel permit for the pets, animals, plants that you will bring with you.


Steps in Securing Travel Permit for Animals or Plants

Step 1: Proceed to Bureau of Animal Industry or Bureau of Plant Industry

Step 2: Present the required documents

Step 3: Get Permit

*Based on our last check, securing a travel permit from the BAI or BPI is free. Not sure if it is only free for non-commercial quantity or applicable to all. If you know the latest about this, kindly leave a comment so other readers will know. Thank you.



For items that passenger brings that is not considered as personal baggage, please take note that there is a baggage handling fee.

These are the items na hindi pasok sa free 60 kilos of free personal baggage:

  1. Passenger baggage with dimensions of more than 20 inches in height and 30 inches in width (it poses obstruction to passageways and will no longer fit into passenger’s accommodation)
  2. Passenger baggage in commercial quantity, in bulk packaging and construction materials more than the normal requirement for personal use. (We explained this above regarding personal effects versus commercial quantity).
  3. Electronic appliances such as:
  • TV Set above 32” in size
  • In excess of One (1) Computer Set (CPU, Monitor & Keyboard)
  • Home Theatre / Speaker System limited to 1 balikbayan box in size.
  • Air conditioning unit above 1 HP
  • Personal Refrigerators (3.2 cu.ft. and below)
  1. Other items
  • Sports Equipment
  • Bicycle (adult size)
  • Gym equipment
  • Surfboard / Surfing and Scuba diving equipment
  • Others

Kung nalilito kayo if yung dadalhin niyo ay pasok or hindi sa 60 kilos of free baggage allowance, we strongly suggest that you consult the 2Go officer before you buy your ticket regarding the items that you will bring with you when you sail with Superferry.

You can also call 2Go hotline at (02) 528 7000.

There are certain items which are NOT ALLOWED to bring on-board, read about the items that 2Go prohibits as cargo.

IF you are looking for FREIGHT RATES, please see this post about 2Go Logistics and Freight. You may also want to read our post about Common Questions and Answers for 2Go Travel.

Check the category for 2Go if you are looking for the latest 2Go promos 2018.

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