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2Go Travel Questions and Answers | Booking Tips

2go travel questions and answers

Byahe via 2Go! Check answers for common questions about Superferry like rates, infant fee, free baggage, online booking, etc.

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Our website also shares the latest schedules of Superferry from Manila or Batangas as well as info on promo fares. Check CATEGORY/2GO-TRAVEL.

For any inquiries about trip cancellation, updated schedules, booking promo tickets, refunding of ticket, and others, you can call the hotline number at (02) 528 7000. The customer service representative will be able to answer all your queries and concerns with regards to your trip with 2go travel.

We checked today for available 2Go promo fares, unfortunately there is no sale yet. For our readers, we invite you to check this website again as we will share any announcement about 2Go Superferry promo fares. You can also follow our Facebook page Super Ferry Promo Fare if you want to be updated with the latest news, travel tips, and ticket sale of boat companies in the Philippines.

How much is the free baggage in Superferry? Remember that all passengers will get free 60 kgs of personal baggage allowance.

Read this separate post about 2GO EXCESS BAGAGGE Rates and charges and fees for non-personal effects like refrigerator, tv, home theater system, scuba gear, surfing board etc.

Is there an additional terminal fee? Yes, there is. For regular passengers, the terminal fee is 95 pesos. If you are a Senior Citizen, you will only pay 50 pesos for terminal fee; students will be 75 pesos. The terminal fee is payable to the Port Authority, this is not included yet in the price of your ticket. You will pay this when you get to the port and board the vessel.

Are infants free? How much is the fare for children?

As of 2017, infants are only charge 205 pesos per head as insurance fee which you will pay at the terminal of 2Go Superferry. Basically, walang bayad na ticket ang sanggol but birth and medical certificates must be provided.

Note: Only two infants are allowed per adult passenger.

Who are considered infants? By rules of 2Go Travel infants refers to children below two years old and not taller than one meter in height.

If your child is already 3 years old to 11 years old, the child will only get 50% discount on regular fare or the full promo rate, whichever is lower fare. Birth certificate and medical certificate stating fit to travel is required to avail the no fare or discounted fare.

*Individuals who are over 11 years old but can present a valid student ID, he or she is eligible for a student discount on regular fare.

What are the other discounts offered by 2Go? Senior Citizens, PWDs, Students will get a discount on regular fare upon presentation of the respective special ID. If you bought a promo ticket, then the fare discount is no longer applicable.

*For group bookings and discount inquiries, please call hotline.

Is meal included in the ticket already? Yes, passengers will get free meals. The number of meals varies dependent on the route/schedule.

*All accommodation types gets free meals.

Is linen already included in the ticket? Linen is already inclusive with the ticket price except for Jet Seater accommodation.

How to book tickets in Superferry? You have three options 1. Call the hotline and reserve ticket 2. Book via website 3. Buy ticket at an accredited ticketing outlet. However you have to know that promo fares in Superferry are not available for purchase in the ticketing outlets or offices, you can only buy promo fares via website booking or via hotline.

Learn how to online buy 2Go ticket

When is there a promo fare in 2Go travel? Based on our experience and observation, Superferry by 2Go usually conducts promo fare and seat sale during Philippine holidays and important events. Example these were promos in the previous month:

  1. New Year’s Day promo
  2. Valentines Day promo
  3. Santacruzan promo
  4. Independence Day promo
  5. Balik Eskwela Promo

So if you know that there is an upcoming holiday, make sure to prepare your ATM and your credit card so that when sale time comes, you can book right away available 2Go promo tickets for 2017 to 2018 travel dates.

What is the payment method? for online booking, pay for tickets using ATM or credit cards.

Can I pay in Cebuana, LBC, 7 Eleven, Palawan, etc? As of 2017, payment centers like these are not yet available as a method to pay for 2Go tickets bought online or thru hotline.

Can you refund 2go tickets? How to refund tickets in Superferry? Tickets that you bought during a promo fare is not refundable, but you can rebook subject to rebooking fee and fare difference.

To inquire about if your ticket qualifies for refund or how much is the rebooking charge, please call the hotline number.

How early you should be at the port? We always recommend that passengers of 2Go be at the port at least two hours before departure time. If you are coming from Manila and lives far away from Pier 4, leave your home earlier to anticipate heavy traffic along the way.

Magkano po ang ticket sa 2go? Ticket prices are not fixed, the best way to know how much is the fare in Superferry is to check online or to call the hotline to request for ticket rates for your intended travel date.

2Go P5 promo? No one know, but we hope there will be a 5 pesos promo in 2018. We will update our readers so make sure you Like and Follow our Facebook page.

How much is the charge for vehicles, cars, motorcycle, elf truck on Superferry? The freight charges are not fixed for rolling cargo, depends too on the type of vehicle. We advise you to contact the 2Go Cargo and Logistics Department to inquire about the latest freight charges. You can also call them at this number (02)528-7400.

Are pregnant passengers allowed on 2Go? Yes, pregnant passengers who are seven months and below are allowed to travel in Superferry provided that the passenger will present a medical certificate stating that the pregnant passenger is fit to travel.

*You can get the medical certificate from your OB-Gyne doctor.

Can you book one way and round-trip? Yes

Does 2Go have a trip from Manila to General Santos? No

Does 2Go have a trip from Manila to Tagbilaran Bohol? No, but you may take Superferry to Cebu and then transfer to Supercat to reach Tagbilaran.

Does 2Go have a trip from Manila to Davao? No

Does 2Go have a trip from Manila to Cotabato? No

What are the routes of 2Go? Check here for the list of destinations that 2Go Travel sails too.

What are the type of accommodations? It depends on the vessel but generally the following are available Super Value class, Mega Value Class, Tourist Class, Cabin room, Suite room.

Can you present barangay clearance as your ID? No, barangay clearance is not accepted as a valid ID Superferry.

Can I bring pets when I sail with 2Go boats? And how much is the pet handling fee? Yes you can, however please note that pets should be properly caged and would need a Quarantine Permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry. The Bill of Lading of pets is dependent on the size of the cage. Pets would be placed on separate area in the vessel. Rabies Vaccination record is also needed for pets 3 months and above. Pets are only allowed to board after 14 days from the date of vaccination.

Is there a schedule for 2018? As of August 2017, no schedule of trips yet for next year. Please stay tuned for next announcement on 2Go schedules 2018.

Is 2Go hiring now? If you are interested to work in 2Go Travel, you may send your resume at or call at (02)528-7171.

If you have specific questions, please call 2Go at (02) 528 7000. No mobile or cellphone number available, only hotline. Or you can also visit the Superferry outlets inside the port terminals.

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