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Superferry December Ticket Prices Manila to Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Coron, Dumagute, Puerto Princesa

Super Ferry Promo Fare team brings you sample ticket prices for December 2016 destinations in Visayas and Palawan. These are random travel dates in the month of December from Manila to Cebu, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Coron, and Puerto Princesa.

Ticket prices differs from day to day and depending on your type of accommodation. It is best to do trial booking if you want to know how much is the ticket for your preferred travel date and destination.

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Superferry December Ticket Rates Visayas

Superferry Rates for December 2016 (select travel dates per route)

MANILA TO CEBU – the date chosen for Cebu is December 8 for Mega Value Class at base fare of P744.56. Total cost of ticket is P1,207.60.

2Go Boat Ticket Manila to Cebu

MANILA AT THE BACOLOD – we have selected to check the travel date December 13 for route Manila at the Bacolod. Cheapest accommodation for this date was Super Value Class.

Superferry price December ticket Bacolod

MANILA TO ILOILO – we have chosen the date December 24 to know the ticket price of 2Go for Manila to Iloilo, and total amount adds up to P2,102.60 with a base fare price of P1,481.25.

Superferry ticket rate December Iloilo

MANILA TO DUMAGUETE – for this route we selected December 26 and the airline seater accommodation. Both Airline Seater and Super Value class has the same base rate of P1,708.93 for a total 2Go ticket price of P2,357.60.

2Go Travel Price Ticket Dumaguete

MANILA TO CORON – we have chosen December 28 Super Value Class for Superferry Manila to Coron. Total cost of ticket in our online booking at 2Go website is P1,807.60.

Manila to Coron 2Go December Price

MANILA TO PUERTO PRINCESA – for the sailing date December 14, the cheapest ticket price is P1,607.60, this rate already includes all taxes, charges, web admin fee, etc.

2Go Ticket Price December to Coron

All booked tickets, promo and regular, comes with FREE MEALS. However, the number of meals depends on the route.

**In our sample, we did not select Linen. If you will add Linens, this is additional fee that will be charged to you.

Remember that these are actual ticket prices for random dates. The dates you want to travel on may have lower or higher prices depending on demand and the type of accommodation that you want. If there is an existing 2Go promo for December all the better so you can save.

However, 2Go Travel does not have promo prices every day. When we share info that there is a new promo fare from Superferry, we recommend that you book online right away. Most promo fares are only available by calling the hotline of superferry (02) 528-7000 or by booking online at

If you want to know the boat ticket rates for the return trip like Cebu to Manila, Bacolod to Manila, Coron to Manila, Dumaguete to Manila, Puerto Princesa to Manila, and Iloilo to Manila, we recommend that you will also do your own trial booking at the website of 2Go Superferry.

We also provide info on ticket prices for December for the various Mindanao destinations. Read this article if you want to know how much is 2Go Travel ticket to Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Zamboanga, Dipolog, and Ozamiz.

For schedules this coming December, refer to these posts:

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