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Polambato Port RoRo and Pumpboat Schedule

Travelling via the Polambato Port in Bogo City, Cebu? Read this handy schedule guide of roro and pumpboat vessels operating in this pier.

This port can be your gateway if you want to sail via boat from Cebu to Masbate province.

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Polambato port to Leyte and Masbate


Polambato to Palompon Leyte – 12 noon daily trips, estimated arrival in Leyte is 3:30 PM. About 3 and a half hours sailing time.

Palompon Leyte to Polambato – departs Palompon port at 7 AM daily, expected arrival in Bogo City at 10:30 AM.

Polambato to Cataingan, Masbate – 12 AM daily departures, estimated arrival in Masbate at 5:30 AM. Sea travel time about 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Cataingan, Masbate to Polambato – Departs Masbate at 12 Midnight, expected arrival in Bogo City at 5:30 in the morning.

Polambato to Cawayan, Masbate –  Departs Bogo City port at 12 NN, will arrive in Cawayan Masbate province around 5:30 in the afternoon.

Cawayan, Masbate to Polambato – Daily departure from Bogo City at 12 PM, arrival in Cawayan port around 5:30 AM.

Call the Polambato port administration office if you want to inquire about vehicle freight charges as well as cargo rates for 2017. These are the telephone numbers – landline (032) 5119973, cellphone or mobile number 0905 5946660.

Watch out for the upcoming routes from this port in Bogo City, Cebu province which will be the following:

Polambato to Bulan, Sorsogon

Polambato to Manila

Ongoing expansion of Polambato port in Bogo City Cebu is happening. There will be more boats and shipping companies that will operate in this pier in the future.


Pumpboat are outrigger marine vessels, general capacity is around 50 to 60 persons only. Motorcycles are carried by some pumpboat shipping companies. These are the schedule of this type of boat in polambato wharf.

Polambato to Villaba, Leyte – 12 PM daily departure, estimated arrival at 2:30 PM in Villaba, Leyte

Villalaba Leyte boat to Polambato – departure set at 8 AM daily, expected time of arrival in Polambato port is around 10:30 AM.

*Estimated 2 and a half hours sea travel time for this route.

Polambato to Tabango, Leyte11 AM trips on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Vessel is expected to arrive in Tabango port around 2:30 PM. 3 hours and a half sailing time via pumpboat.

Tabango Leyte to Polambato Port – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday departure schedule at 9 AM. Estimated arrival in Bogo City from Tabango at 12 noon.

*All schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Super Ferry Promo Fares website will endeavor to make this post as updated as possible. But we also appeal to our readers to let us know by leaving a comment, if you personally know of any departure time/day changes so we can verify info and update this post. As a result, we can all help each other and the riding public in getting timely and accurate information. Salamat po.

Additional info: Bus schedule from Bogo City

Currently, there are also RoRo Bus operating from Bogo City in Cebu going to Manila. Trips departs Bogo for Manila at 12 AM.

RoRo bus for Bogo to Tacloban and San Isidro Leyte route daily schedule is at 12 PM via Ceres Bus.

To know more you can send an email via or contact them via the numbers given above.

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