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Jomalia Shipping Lines Schedules, Fares – Mactan, Danao, Ormoc, to / from CAMOTES

Jomalia Shipping Lines Rates Schedules Fares

Sail and travel with Jomalia Shipping Lines going to Camotes from Danao via RoRo boat or Mactan via Fast Craft. You can also travel from Jagutapay Port, Tudela in Camotes Island going to Ormoc, and vice versa.

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Find details below for current routes, daily schedules, and fares.

You can also call Jomalia for any inquiries on passenger tickets, freight rates, and other concerns. Find the telephone number at the bottom of this post.


Jomalia fast craft services the route Mactan to Consuelo, Camotes and vice versa, twice a day from Monday to Thursday and thrice a day for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fare is P350 per person, travel time is estimated at one hour and 10 minutes.

Mactan to Camotes fast craft terminal is located in the Cebu Yacht Club wharf. Enter the road beside Island Central Mall in Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City to go to the wharf. This Island Central Mall is across Marina Mall.

  • Mactan to Consuelo Port: Monday to Thursday Schedule at 9 AM and 1 PM
  • Mactan to Consuelo Port: Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 9 AM, 1 PM, 5 PM (last trip)
  • Consuelo, Camotes to Mactan: Monday to Thursday Schedule at 7 AM and 11 AM.
  • Consuelo, Camotes to Mactan: Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM.

Lots of dining places and restaurants nearby so you can take a meal before sailing. This is also the most convenient and fastest route going from Mactan airport to Camotes Island. You will just take a taxi in the airport or if you are just bringing a small backpack take the airport yellow multicab. Alight in Marina Mall, cross the road to Island Central Mall, and walk maybe 100 meters or less, to the wharf. Saves time and no heavy traffic at all from mactan cebu airport to fast craft wharf to camotes island.

If in case you need a hotel to stay that is close to the Cebu Yacht Club wharf, there is Island Stay Mactan which is very close to the wharf, maybe 200 meters or less.


Danao Port to Consuelo Port, CamotesThis route is service by RORO/ Express vessels. If you are bringing vehicles or cargo for loading, please be at the port an hour before departure schedule (or earlier especially during peak travel season).

Passenger Fare are as follows:

Accommodation Regular Fare Minor (3 to 10 years old Senior Citizens Students
Economy (Express) 200 100 160 170
Aircon (Express) 220 110 175 190
Economy (RORO) 180 90 145 1750
Aircon (RORO) 200 100 160 170


Commuting Instruction: Take a jeepney from Mandaue national highway to Danao City, inform driver that you will be going to the port. Some drivers are kind and they will drop you off at the entrance of Danao Port. You can also take a bus in cebu north bus terminal going to Port of Danao.

Call Jomalia for freight charges on 4 wheeled vehicles, cargo, trucks, etc.

Pilar Camotes to Ormoc PortOnce a day trip at 7:30 AM, the boat will be coming from Jagutapay Port. Refer to the table for the latest passenger ticket rates.

Accommodation Regular Fare Minor (3 to 10 years old) Senior Citizens Students
Economy 150 75 120 130
Aircon 170 85 135 145


Pilar Camotes to Jagutapay Port – Once a day trip at 5 PM.

Jagutapay Port, Tudela, Camotes via Pilar Camotes ­TO ORMOC PortJomalia sails once a day from Jagutapay Port at 5:30 AM, the vessel will make a quick stop in Pilar, Camotes, before sailing to Ormoc Port. Estimated arrival time in Ormoc is around 9:30 AM, but may be delayed if loading/unloading of passengers/cargo/vehicles in Pilar Port took longer than usual.

*No ticketing booth in Jagutapay / Pilar; you will buy your ticket at the ramp of the RORO vessel, there will be a Jomalia personnel that will be station at the ramp. You can start queuing and buying the ticket in Jagutapay at 4:40 AM. Be early if possible since there is a chance that this boat will be full, since Jomalia is the only big shipping company that services these routes going to Ormoc.

*There is an alternative transport i.e. sailing via motorized pumpboat, but you can’t bring your vehicle.

If the passenger will sail straight from Jagutapay to Ormoc or vice versa, these are the ticket rates of Jomalia Shipping Lines: is P200 for Economy, P220 for Aircon accommodation.

If the passenger will only sail from Jagutapay to Pilar or vice versa, fare is P150 Economy and P170 aircon.

ORMOC PORT to Pilar Port, Camotes and Jagutapay Port – once a day trip at 3:30 PM. From Ormoc, the vessel will stop first at Pilar port, before proceeding to Jagutapay port.

*Trip schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Contact this shipping company if you need more info.

*Minors, Senior Citizens, and Students gets a discount upon presentation of valid ID/documents on all routes.


Should there be a promo fare for any of the Jomalia Shipping routes, we will update this post right away. If in case you know of any Jomalia promo tickets or discounts available, please also let us know by leaving a comment. This way, we can all help other boat passengers who wants to sail with Jomalia RORO and fast craft vessels.

Jomalia Cellphone numbers are +639053998259 (Globe) / +639292164494 (Smart). Landline telephone numbers: Mandaue (032)346-0421 to 23, Consuelo (032) 318 1549.

Online ticket booking for Jomalia is not yet available.


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