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How to Book 2Go Travel SuperFerry Tickets Online

This is a tutorial to guide you if you want to reserve and book your 2Go Travel Superferry tickets via their online booking facility. We will provide you with a step by step instruction, which hopefully will help you complete reserving and paying for your Superferry tickets at the comfort of your home or office.

An eTicket Itinerary Receipt shall be sent to your registered e-mail once payment is CONFIRMED. The receipt shall be presented to Boarding Team along with the other required documents.

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2Go Travel Superferry Online Booking Step by Step Guide

Before we detail the steps of 2Go Online Booking, make sure you have these already:

  1. Your destination, port of origin to arrival port.

Example : Galing ka Manila, papuntang Dipolog City.

  1. Departure date

Example: June 25, 2015 alis

  1. Your ATM or credit card – you will need an ATM card or Credit Card in order for you to do online booking at the website of 2Go Travel Superferry. If you don’t have any of this, hindi puede kang mag-online booking.


**For those who don’t have an ATM card or Credit Card, we suggest that you go to the 2Go ticketing office nearest you so you can buy your Superferry tickets.

Once you are ready with all the 3 items above, you can now start booking online your tickets from Superferry. Watch out for Supeferry promo 2016, promo 2015 announcements.

STEP 1  2Go Travel Online Booking

  1. On the dropdown menus, select your Origin.
  2. Then select your Destination.
  3. Choose your Departure Date – at this point you will see the ferry that is assigned to your destination and trip schedule.

In our example, the ferry from Manila to Dipolog City for July 25,2015 is the St Francis Xavier

  1. Indicate how many tickets you want to book – if solo ka lang, choose 1.
  2. “Meals” is not clickable, since meals are already included in the ticket.
  3. “Travel Insurance” – this is up to you. If you want to travel with an insurance, select ‘yes’. Otherwise, select “No”. By the way, if you will select ‘yes’, you will have to pay extra for the Superferry Travel Insurance.
  4. “With Linen” – this is up to you. If you brought a pillow and a blanket, you may choose to indicate ‘no’. If wala ka naming dalang pillow or blanket, choose ‘yes’ para comfortable ang pagtulog mo.

Once you have indicated all info, click on “continue” and a new page will load.


2Go Travel Online Booking Steps

STEP 2 Superferry Online Booking

This is the point where you need to choose the type of accommodation that you want to book in Superferry. You can choose the cheapest option like “Super Value Class”, or if you have a bit of budget, you can choose “Tourist Class”.

Aside from the value accommodations, 2Go Travel also offers the following: Cabin for 4, Stateroom for 2, Suiteroom for 2, Business Class for 6.

To indicate your choice, just click on the “circle” beside the accommodation that you want. You will then see the total Superferry ticket fare including taxes and other fees. If all are okay so far, click on “Continue”. See our example booking.

See example screenshot: Step 2 Guide

STEP 3 in Online Booking for Superferry

*Passenger Details

At this page, you will input the details of the passenger, including the last name, first name, middle initial, gender, age, and OSCA. If you are the one traveling, put in your personal details.

OSCA is only for Senior Citizens. If the passenger is a Senior Citizen, type his or her Senior Citizen ID number so the boat ticket will be discounted.

The Senior Citizen must bring his or her ID during the voyage. The boat’s crew will ask the senior citizen to show the ID upon embarkation. NO Senior Citizen ID, the discount will be taken back. So it’s very important to bring the ID when you board the vessel.

Once you have key-in all the details of the passenger, click on “Continue”…

 See example screenshot: Step 3

STEP 4 Online Booking 2Go

This is the Confirmation page and where you need to input your Contact Details. Make sure that all details are correct. Double check it para masigurado.

There are Optional Questions, which you can skip. But you can also answer since it will just take a few seconds to select an answer from the drop down menu. Click the “down arrow” to see the answer choices.

If everything is correct, click on the “square button” at the bottom portion, beside the line that says “I agree to 2Go Travel 2-ticket Terms and Conditions”.

Then, click on “Confirm”

See example online booking: Step 4

STEP 4: Paying for your 2Go Travel e-Ticket

This is the payment page, this is the time when you will input your ATM or Credit Card details. Just follow the prompts. Your ATM or Credit Card number is the one that you can see on the front of your card.

As an added security measure to protect the true credit card or ATM card owner, 2Go Travel require the presentation of the following documents to their Boarding Team.

 To start the booking process go to the website at www.travel.2go.com.ph/eTicket/search.asp

Requirements for Credit Card Transactions

  1. 2 copies of the Originally Signed eTicket Itinerary Receipts (signed by the Credit Card Holder and the Passenger/s)
  2. Photocopy of the credit card holders valid ID
  3. Photocopy of the credit card used to purchase the ticket (front copy only) – Do not photocopy the back of the credit card!
  4. Passenger’s Valid ID

Requirements for ATM Transactions

  1. 2 copies of the Originally Signed eTicket Itinerary Receipts
  2. Passengers valid ID 

IMPORTANT!!! – 2GO Travel reserves the right to refuse boarding if passengers cannot present these documents upon request.

How to Get Your e-Ticket from 2Go Travel

Once payment is completed, an e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt will be emailed to you. Check the email you used in making the booking, this is the email you put in in the ‘Contact Information’ portion. Once you open the email, download the e-ticket and print this. We recommend that you print two copies of the 2Go Travel 2-ticket, the extra copy might come in handy.

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  1. How can i reserve a ticket?I want to reserve it for December 16.

  2. Evelyn Duman-ag says:

    i just ask only if have supercat…fastcat…oceanjet…trip everyday from tagbilaran bohol to cebu city?
    what time schedule..
    how many hours travel..
    hope you reply me so i know..

  3. Samuel tuburan says:

    Good morning sir/maam,
    I want to travel from Manila to Cebu with my family, five adults and two kids and we planned to bring our van with us. Kindly provide me with some details and fares round trip with the return trip on open booking. Thank you and God bless.

  4. Hi mam, gusto ko sana ipag book yung kaibigan ko dahil gusto ko na siya pauwiin. Cebu-Manila po. Maaari ba na ako nalang ang mag book para sakanya? at paano ito gagawin? Thank you Po..

    • Puede po ikaw nalang mag online booking for your friend po, pero bigyan niyo po sya ng front copy ng ATM or credit card na gagamitin mo, pati photocopy ng 1 valid ID niyo po. para in case itanong sa bapor pag sakay nya, may maipresenta sya.

  5. antonio y menseza says:

    Hi po,

    Another question,if i have to use my ATM account as my way of paying of my fare,automatic po ba mag deduct po agad yun sa ATM ko or magbabayad po kami pag sasakay na lang po kami ng barko??And do i need to bring my ATM pa po ba pagsasakay na kami ng barko??sori po ah kung dami kung tanong..confuse lang po.


    • Hi Antonio, automatic deduct po yung fare amount sa ATM niyo. Also, you need to bring your ATM when you get on board, sometime kasi may mga boat officer na mag inspection stricto pati payment method like ATM need icheck.

  6. Arthur l. Aban says:

    Hi ma’am moron po b byahe from mnila to dvo?travel period dec 18, 2016.

  7. Mark mananggit says:

    What are the procedure if we bring ous SUV(Mit Montero) going to ozamis and how much

  8. Hi Mark, please call 2Go directly, or you can also check this post for Superferry vehicle freight.

  9. Helenito k. Amores jr says:

    Manila to butuan nasipit


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