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DLTB Bus FARES and SCHEDULES in Cubao, LRT Buendia, EDSA Tramo Going to Naga, Legazpi, Sorsogon

Going to Bicol? Ride with DLTB! This bus company in the Philippines serves routes going to and from Naga City, Legazpi City, and Sorsogon City.

There are more routes of DLTB bus aside from the routes we will share today on SuperFerry Promo, but for now we will concentrate on routes going to and from the Bicol region.

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Before we go to the daily trips of this bus line and info on ticket rates, we will share first what is the meaning of DLTB in case you are curios.

DLTB stands for Del monte Land Transport Bus Company (DLTBCo). Old folks may still remember that the precursor to DLTB was Batangas Laguna Tayabas Bus Company Incorporated (BLTBCo.), one of the oldest provincial bus companies in the Philippines. Trivia! 🙂

DLTB bus lines has 3 terminals located in Metro Manila for Bicol routes namely Ali Mall terminal in Cubao, LRT Buendia Terminal, and EDSA Pasay Tramo terminal. The contact numbers for these terminals are provided further in the post.

We are sharing today the bus rates and schedules of DLTB going to BICOL region, specifically Naga City in Camarines Sur, Legazpi City in Albay, and Sorsogon City in Sorsogon province.

Passengers have the option to ride the regular aircon bus, the bus with CR, or the DLTB premium bus service which features lazy boy seats plus CR.

DLTB bus schedules fares manila to bicol

Check the list of schedules of DLTB buses going to the Bicol region.

BUS GOING TO NAGA Schedules and Ticket Rates via DLTB

DLTB LRT Buendia Terminal to Naga, Camarines Sur

6:30 AM              P650.00

8:30 AM              P650.00

3:00 PM              P650.00

5:30 PM              P750.00 (bus comes with CR)

6:30 PM              P650.00

7:45 PM              P650.00

8:30 PM              Bus rate to follow (bus comes with CR and features lazy boy seats)

9:00 PM              P650.00


DLTB Cubao Ali Mall Terminal to Naga, Camarines Sur

First trip is at 6:30 AM, last trip at 9 PM for Cubao to Naga. There are premium bus offered by DLTB for P1,000 per passenger. Bus comes with CR and Lazy Boy. The DLTB buses with CR only the rate is P750 for this route.

6:30 AM              P650.00

8:00 AM              P650.00

2:30 PM              P650.00

3:30 PM              P650.00

4:30 PM              P650.00

5:30 PM              P650.00

6:00 PM              P1,000.00

6:30 PM              P650.00

7:00 PM              P750.00 (bus comes with CR)

7:30 PM              P1,000 (bus comes with CR and Lazy boy seats)

8:00 PM              P650.00

8:30 PM              P1,000.00 (bus comes with CR and Lazy boy seats)

9:00 PM              P650.00


BUS GOING TO LEGAZPI Schedules and Ticket Rates via DLTB

DLTB LRT Buendia Pasay Terminal to Legaspi, Albay

6:30 AM              P810.00

8:30 AM              P810.00

5:30 PM              P910.00 (bus comes with CR)

6:30 PM              P810.00

8:30 PM              P1,100 (bus comes with CR and Lazy boy seats)

9:00 PM              P810.00


Tramo EDSA Pasay City DLTB terminal to Legazpi, Albay Trip Departure time and rate

8:30 PM              P1,100.00 (bus comes with CR and Lazy boy seats)


DLTB Bus Schedule from Ali Mall Cubao to Legazpi, Albay Plus Fares

6:30 AM              P810.00

8:00 AM              P810.00

3:30 PM              P810.00

5:30 PM              P810.00

7:00 PM              P910.00 (bus comes with CR)

8:00 PM              P810.00

8:30 PM              P1,100.00 (bus comes with CR and lazy boy seats)

9:00 PM              P810.00


BUS GOING TO SORSOGON Schedules and Ticket Rates via DLTB

DLTB terminal in Cubao to Sorsogon Schedules and Fares

2:30 PM              P900.00

4:30 PM              P900.00

6:00 PM              P1,300.00 ((bus comes with CR and lazy boy seats)


DLTB terminal in LRT Buendia going to Sorsogon

3:00 PM              P900.00

*Bus trips schedules are subject to change without prior notice.



In case you want to contact DLTB for schedule confirmation, trip cancellation, ticket refunding, fares, etc, reach out to them thru these contact numbers of the different DLTB terminals in Metro Manila. have included the contact numbers for the other Metro Manila terminals of DLBT aside from Cubao, LRT Buendia, and Tramo EDSA.



Telephone no in Tramo – (02) 843-0246

Telephone no in Main – (02) 832-2520


Telephone no: (02) 564-7777


Telephone no: (02) 470-4342


Telephone no: (02)470-6127


Telephone no: (049) 520-5582


Telephone no: (02) 994-6380


See: PARTAS Bus Schedules if you are going to ILOCOS Region or CERES Bus Line for Cebu – Dumaguete / Ceres Cebu – Bacolod 

If ever DLTB bus line will offer promo fares, we will update all our readers. FOLLOW us on if you want to get updates from us too!

CHOOSE DLTB on your next BICOL trip and getaway!

Booking DLTB tickets online is possible at or you may also go directly to the terminal hours before your intended departure to buy tickets. During peak season please be early at the bus terminal.

Phone reservation in DLTB is not possible.

We hope to share info soon for the other DLTB schedules like for Batangas, Lucena Grand Terminal, Lucena Dalahican, Tagaytay, Nasugbo, Lemery, Alabang, Visayas, etc.


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