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2GO Travel Ticket Price List 2017 for June Schedules

Super Ferry Promo Fare info-sharing site now brings you the popular 2Go Travel ticket rates and prices checking. For this post we concentrate on giving info to our readers on the June prices of selected routes.

Boat fares below are for select routes of 2Go including byahe from Manila and Batangas. If your intended destination is not included in our check, we suggest that you will do your own online booking.

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Fare checking on 2Go website is free to do as long as you have internet connection. Follow the 2Go Superferry online booking guide we have prepared for all our readers, you can find this tutorial at the footer section of this site.

2Go Ticket Price List 2017 - June

Price list for select May 2017 routes.


In our trial booking we only take the cheapest and lowest fare which is usually for the Super Value and Mega Value class accommodations of the Superferry vessels. We did not include Travel Insurance in our booking sample.

As of today March 18 there is no on-going 2Go promo fare, so these are Regular Ticket Rates. If you don’t need to travel soon, you may choose to wait for when 2Go announced their 2017 5 pesos tickets promo sale.

When will the P5 crazy sale be available for this year? No one knows yet but rest assured that we at Super Ferry Promo Fares will be sharing the announcement with you as soon as get wind of it.

2Go Ticket rates for the following selected routes this 2017:

  • Bacolod to Manila June 4 is P2,290.19
  • Batangas to Odiongan June 23 is P1,013.99
  • Iloilo to Cagayan de Oro June 10 is P2,438.86
  • Manila to Ozamiz June 29 is P2,607.60
  • Puerto Princesa to Manila June 17 is P1,807.60

See the price of boat ticket on this screenshot. Different accommodation, different 2Go rates.

2Go Ticket Price Puerto Princesa to Manila

  • Batangas to Roxas City June 30 rate is P1,141.59
  • Zamboanga City to Dipolog June 13 is P815.81
  • Manila to Dumaguete June 11 boat rate is P2,437.19
  • Romblon to Roxas City fare is P766.60 for travel date June 21 via Superferry
  • Manila to Bacolod on June 19 fare is P1,601.60
  • Manila to Cebu June 15 ticket price of 2Go is P1,685.59.

See sample fare 2Go Travel to Cebu

2Go Manila to Cebu Price

  • Iligan to Cebu City fare on June 17 is P943.79
  • Iloilo to Bacolod via 2Go the ticket rate is P599.21 for date June 4
  • Cebu to Ozamiz on June 23 fare is P971.28
  • Romblon to Batangas on June 17 price of 2Go ticket is P1,041.60.
  • Batangas to Caticlan Jetty Port on June 25 boat fare Superferry is P991.59
  • Dumaguete to Zamboanga for June 12 is price at P888.19
  • Manila to Butuan City on June 2, 16, and 30 boat fare is P2,282.59
  • Cebu to Manila on June 9 ticket cost P1,385.59
  • Manila to Coron Palawan on June 27 price of ticket is PP1,807.60
  • Cagayan de Oro to Bacolod on June 29 ticket rate 2Go is P2,468.92
  • Iligan City to Manila 2Go rate for June 3 2Go is P2,353.19

We’ve provided another screenshot for you as reference:

2Go rate Iligan to Manila

5 IMPORTANT NOTES in Booking 2Go Tickets

  1. Prices of 2Go ticket changes based on demand and supply. If you see a 2Go low fare, we suggest to book it as the next time you try to check the price may have increase.
  2. The prices on this post are not on promo fare. If you prefer, you can try to wait for the next 2Go travel promo ticket sale for 2017 to 2018. No news yet on 5 pesos fare sale.
  3. Even if the route and destination is the same, the rate could vary from day to day. There is no fix price.
  4. If there is a 2Go Promo available, book online or call hotline at (02) 528 7000 because usually promo fares of Superferry are not available via ticketing agencies.
  5. DO NOT TRANSACT OR BELIEVE IN ANY ONE WHO WILL CONTACT YOU ON FACEBOOK out of the blue saying that you can book your ticket thru them. Iwas po sa scam. Mag book po kayo mismo.

Finally, it is very important to LIKE and FOLLOW Super Ferry Promo Fare on Facebook if you want to be updated when 5 pesos promo happens. We share the info on FB asap once available for booking.

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Hope this 2Go price list for 2017 is useful for you. We will be publishing fares on other months soon. Book and buy your tickets conveniently thru online booking!

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