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2Go Travel Ticket Price and Rates – JUNE 2017

2go travel ticket rates june 2017

As demanded by our Super Ferry Promo Fare readers, here are the ticket rates and prices for all routes of 2Go Travel for the month of June 2017.

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Take note that these are prices for random dates, researched today May 30. Prices may change any time.

If you want to check how much the ticket for your plan departure date, do a trial booking in 2Go website. Follow the online booking guide for Superferry linked to at the footer (bottom) section of this page.

Use the info on this post as just guide or reference.

JUNE 2017 Ticket Prices 2Go Superferry

Random June 2017 travel dates quoted below with ticket rates. No promo fare advertised right now.


  • Manila to Bacolod 2,407.60
  • Manila to Butuan Nasipit P 2,707.58
  • Manila to Cebu City P 1,807.59
  • Manila to Cagayan de Oro P 2,057.59
  • Manila to Dumaguete City P 1,937.19
  • Manila to Dipolog City P 2,707.60
  • Manila to Iligan City P 2,607.60
  • Manila to Iloilo City P 2,207.59
  • Manila to Ozamiz City 2,757.60
  • Manila to Puerto Princesa P 1,857.60
  • Manila to Coron Palawan P1,807.60

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2Go Prices of Tickets GOING TO MANILA

  • Bacolod to Manila ticket P2,337.19
  • Butuan City to Manila P2,507.59
  • Cagayan de Oro to Manila P1,938.59
  • Cebu City to Manila P 2,207.59
  • Dipolog City to Manila P3,007.60
  • Dumaguete to Manila P2,557.60
  • Iligan City to Manila P2,335.59
  • Iloilo to Manila P2,307.59
  • Ozamiz to Manila P 2,882.60
  • Puerto Princesa to Manila P 1,907.60
  • Coron to Manila P 1,821.20
  • Zamboanga to Manila P 3,460.05

2GO Going to / From Batangas Port

  • Batangas to Caticlan Jetty Port P 1,241.60
  • Batangas to Odiongan P60
  • Batangas to Romblon P1,041.60
  • Batangas to Roxas City P1,391.60
  • Roxas City to Batangas P 1,141.60
  • Romblon to Batangas P 1,291.60
  • Caticlan Jetty Port to Batangas Port P 1,541.60

Other 2Go Supeferry Routes with Fares

  • Bacolod to Cagayan de Oro ticket P 1,657.59
  • Butuan City to Cebu P21
  • Cebu City to Butuan City P 1,288.61
  • Cebu City to Cagayan de Oro P 1,096.60
  • Cebu City to Iligan City P 1,021.79
  • Cebu City to Ozamiz P 966.61
  • Cagayan de Oro to Bacolod P 1,862.19
  • Cagayan de Oro to Cebu City P 966.61
  • Cagayan de Oro to Iloilo City P 1,507.60
  • Dumaguete to Dipolog P716.60
  • Dumaguete to Zamboanga P888.20
  • Dipolog City to Dumaguete City P466.60
  • Dipolog City to Zamboanga City P792.60
  • Iligan City to Cebu City P943.79
  • Iloilo to Bacolod P21
  • Iloilo to Cagayan de Oro P1,657.59
  • Caticlan Jetty Port to Odiongan P 1,127.07
  • Odiongan to Batangas Port P 1,291.60
  • Odiongan Port to Caticlan Jetty Port P 1,127.07
  • Ozamiz to Cebu City P 1,049.27
  • Ozamiz to Iligan P 279.32
  • Puerto Princesa to Coron P 1,566.60
  • Romblon to Roxas P 766.60
  • Roxas City to Romblon P 1,441.60
  • Coron to Puerto Princesa P 1,216.60
  • Zamboanga to Dumaguete City P20
  • Zamboanga to Dipolog P 776.61

 JUNE 2017 Schedules of 2Go Superferry

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*Prices could change without prior notice. If you see cheap boat fare, book it right away.

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