Book your boat tickets ahead so you have the chance to buy promo fares from shipping lines 2Go, Montenegro, Supercat, Cokaliong, and more.

2Go Travel Online Booking Allowed ATMs and Credit Cards for Payments

Passengers can pay for 2Go boat tickets using credit cards or ATMs for those booked via website or via hotline. As of today, there are no accredited third party payment centers yet like the way Cebu Pacific has payment option of Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, 7 Eleven, etc.

We hope that in the coming months there will be more ways to pay for 2Go Travel tickets.

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Some 2Go promos are only available for online or hotline booking, that is why it is important to have a standby funds on ATM or CC just in case there will be a new 5 pesos tickets on sale from Superferry, P499 pesos, P599 pesos, etc.

2Go Superferry Payment Options

Only the following credit cards are accepted by 2Go Travel as payment options: All CC bearing the VISA, MASTERCARD, or JCB logo only.

Aside from credit cards, 2Go Superferry also accepts Bancnet and Megalink ATMs of member banks. Check below for a listing of banks member of Bacnet/Megalink. You can use the savings or checking account ATMs from these banks to pay for your 2Go promo tickets, regular fares, etc.

BANCNET ATMS from member banks like Allied Bank, Asia United Bank, Banco de Oro, Banco Dipolog, Bank of Commerce, Banko Mabuhay, BanKo, Bank of Makati, Chinabank, Security Bank, Metrobank, BPI, EastWest, Citibank, PBCom, QCRB, PNB, Isla Bank, UCPB, Sterling Bank of Asia, Veterans Bank, PS Bank, Malayan Bank, Maybank, Equicom, and more. Check the screenshot below for full list of Bancnet Member banks whose ATM you can use to pay for tickets book online in 2Go Travel.


These are the MEGALINK banks members, you can use the ATMs or Debit cards issued by these banks / financial institutions for your 2Go Travel payment for online booking. BDO or Banco de Oro, Country Builders Bank, GSIS Family Bank, Planters Bank, Unionbank, Pacific Ace Savings Bank, UCPB, Queenbank, MaxBank, Natcco, G-Xchange (GCash), Encash, MASS SPEC. Your ATM or Debit Card must bear any of these logo of the member banks of Megalink.


Remember that if you book a 2Go Ticket online or via hotline, and you use Credit Card or ATM/Debit card to pay, when you get on-board the vessel to your destination, the crew of Superferry may ask you to present the following, so don’t forget to bring these payment proof when you sail with 2Go Travel!

2Go Travel Requirements for Credit Card Transactions:

  1. 2 copies of the Originally (Actual/Ballpoint) Signed eTicket Itinerary Receipts (signed by the Credit Card Holder and the Passenger/s)
  2. Photocopy of the credit card holders valid ID
  3. Photocopy of the credit card used to purchase the ticket (front copy onlydo not give a photocopy of the bank portion!!!)
  4. Passengers valid ID

2Go Travel Requirements for ATM Transactions:

  1. 2 copies of the Originally Signed eTicket Itinerary Receipts
  2. Passengers valid ID

Take note that 2GO Travel reserves the right to refuse boarding to any passengers who refuse or cannot present these documents upon request.

After booking you will get a copy of your eTicket itinerary in the email you use during the booking process. If you did not get any email, call the hotline to follow-up at (02) 528 7000.

If you choose online booking in 2Go website, make sure that you will book by yourself or have a trusted friend / family member book for you.

Do not believe anyone who you do not know and who contacts you in Facebook or email that you can purchase 2Go Travel tickets via them or their travel agency. Ignore anyone who says they can book for you and that you only have to send payments via Palawan Express or Cebuana etc. Those are scams. Make sure to book direct in the official website of 2Go at Do not be deceived Superferry Promo Fare byaheros!

In case you do not have access to credit card or atm card, buy your boat tickets from any 2Go office or any accredited ticketing outlet or travel and tour operators.

**All Superferry tickets comes with FREE 75 Kilos of Baggage Allowance, this applies to tickets bought during a 2Go promos and regular rate tickets.

When you buy a ticket from 2Go, it also already comes with Meal(s) and Linens. Travel Insurance is optional; you can choose not to get a Travel insurance when you book your ticket if you prefer to sail without one.


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  1. Not all are scams po tru online booking posted on facebook. because some do really have their travel and tours business. They just use the social media, or online platform to sell their products. I hope this will justify your opinion po. Thank you.

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