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2Go Manila to Bacolod and vice versa, TICKET RATES and SCHEDULES

Superferry Promo Fare friends, here are details on 2Go Travel ticket prices and schedules for the route Manila to Bacolod and Bacolod to Manila routes.

The vessels that serves these routes are

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2Go sails from Manila Pier 4 to Bacolod Bredco Pier every Monday at 10 AM, Tuesday at 9 AM, Thursday at 9 PM, Friday at 9 AM, for a 4-times-a-week trips for this route. This is a shared trip with the Manila to Iloilo.

The route Bacolod to Manila weekly schedule are every Tuesday at 9:30 AM, Wednesday at 4 PM, Saturday at 4 PM, Sunday at 11 PM.

*The schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Please call 2GO hotline at (02) 528 7000 for any inquiries.

2Go Rates Manila to Bacolod and Bacolod to Manila

TICKET PRICES – Manila to Bacolod and vice versa

These are the passenger ticket rates for Superferry 2Go Travel on random dates. The boat fare may change, depending on demand. If you plan to sail during peak season, like a few days before Undas or All Saint’s Day, Christmas holiday, Holy Week, make sure to buy your 2Go tickets in advance. This is to avoid ‘full’ status, you may not be able to buy ticket if you wait too long.

*Rates reflected below are correct at the time of checking. We skipped ‘insurance’, so the ticket price list you see below do not include insurance. Selected accommodation is the cheapest we can find for the sailing date.

2GO MANILA to BACOLOD RATES – October, November, December

October 6 – Php 1,732.60

October 13 – Php 1,707.60

October 24 – Php 1,757.60

October 31 – Php 1,757.60

November 3 –  Php 1,757.60

November 10 – Php 1,757.60

November 23 – Php 1,601.60

November 28 – Php 1,757.60

December 7 – Php 1,601.60

December 18 – Php 2,157.59

December 22 – Php 2,507.60

December 29 – Php 2,482.60

2Go Manila to Bacolod rate Christmas

Now, that you have seen the fares on 2Go Travel for this route, we will now check and list the ticket prices for Bacolod To Manila on Superferry.

2GO BACOLOD TO MANILA RATES – – October, November, December

October 7 – Php 1,707.59

October 15 – Php 1,732.59

October 29 –  Php 3,046.89

November 5 – Php 1,732.59

November 15 – Php 1,732.59

November 28 – Php 1,376.39, see rates on the sample booking

2Go Bacolod to Manila Rate

December 3 – Php 1,298.39

December 23 – Php 2,007.60

December 30 – Php 2,007.60

Hopefully this gives you an idea on the 2Go Manila to Bacolod rates and vice versa. The fare on Superferry is NOT FIX. The most common boat ticket price is Php 1,757.60 for going to Bacolod City, and P1,732.50 for going to Manila. *The ticket prices increase as it nears Undas and Christmas!

Hotline of 2Go is (02) 528 7000. Watch this video guide on online booking if you don’t know how to buy ticket in 2Go website.

Now, if there is a 2Go promos 2017 tickets, expect that the ticket rate will get lower. If you see a promo or sale, book immediately via website or by calling the hotline.

Buy ticket if you see an affordable fare on 2Go Travel going to Bacolod and to Manila.

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