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2Go Fare for JUNE 2016 from Butuan, Cebu, Bacolod, Ozamiz, CDO, Zamboanga, Coron to MANILA

Super Ferry Promo Fare regularly updates our readers with 2Go Travel ticket prices 2016 on a monthly basis. The boat ticket prices we got are from our own online check in the website of Superferry, it’s not complete since we only check rates for random routes and destinations.

2Go Promo fares 2016 are not always available, so the samples we get does not always show promo rates but rather regular boat fare. If you want to check if your particular travel date has a promo or not, we suggest that you do your own mock booking or trial check. It is easy, and it’s free.

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For this round, we will share 2Go Ticket Prices for June 2016 trip schedules coming from select provinces to Manila. Previously, we usually choose the route Manila to Visayas and Mindanao. We want a different take for June 2016, so we are checking boat fare of 2Go Travel from Nasipit, Cagayan de Oro, Ozamiz, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Dumaguete to Manila.

2Go Price Zamboanga to Manila

*The lowest fare in 2Go for travel date June 28,2016 is P2,099.03 for Zamboanga to Manila on Super Value Accommodation. Vessel is St Michael the Archangel.

Ticket Price 2Go zamboanga to manila

2Go Fare Cebu to Manila

*Travel date checked for this Superferry route is June 21,2016. Cheapest ticket price by 2Go is P1,334.01 ALL IN COST.

2Go Ticket Price Cebu to Manila

Superferry Ticket Price Bacolod to Manila

*The lowest fare for 2Go Bacolod to Manila for the particular date we tested for June 2016 is P1,557.61.

Superferry Price Bacolod to Manila

Superferry Ticket Rate Ozamiz to Manila

*Travel schedule chosen to test is June 4,2016 for Ozamiz to Manila route. Cheapest base fare is P1,543.75 for tourist class, total cost of ticket is P2,382.60.

2Go Fare Ozamiz to Manila

2Go Travel Fare Nasipit Butuan to Manila

*The 2Go ticket price for Nasipit, Butuan to Manila for the travel schedule we have chosen is P1,994.03. If June 26,2016 is not your travel date, go for 2Go online booking so you will know too the boat ticket price for your ideal schedule.

2Go nasipit Butuan to Manila Ticket Price

2Go Superferry Rate Cagayan de Oro to Manila

*We checked the fare of 2Go for Cagayan de Oro to Manila for date June 17,2016 and here are the available accommodation and their corresponding rates.

2Go Fare Cagayan de Oro to Manila

2Go Coron to Manila Ticket Price

*For date June 30, the cheapest 2Go ticket rate is for Super Value Class accommodation. Check below for the other rates for this date in June 2016.

Coron to Manila 2Go Ticket Price

Boat fare changes each day, rates can go up or down based on demand and supply. Here in Super Ferry Promo Fare we suggest you book right away if you find a very low fare from 2Go. Because the next time you check, the cheap ticket may be gone.

Booking can be done by calling 2Go Hotline at (02) 528 7000, or by doing online booking, or by visiting any branch of 2Go Superferry. You can also chose to buy your Superferry ticket at your favorite ticketing outlet.

We want Crazy Sale 2017!!! We hope 2Go will launch a new P5 promo soon!

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