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2017 2Go Fares and Ticket Prices – MARCH

Super Ferry Promo Fare already shared price rates of 2Go tickets for February 2017.The sharing today will be for March 2017 Superferry fares.

Take note that there are currently no 2GO promos available for booking. Therefore, the cost of boat tickets of Superferry for regular adults will be more or less ”regular rates”.

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Check this post if you want to know February 2017 2Go tickets rates.

2Go Fare Ticket Price March 2017

2GO Fares 2017 – March Manila Routes

These March prices are true and correct based on the booking website of 2Go at as of today January 12, 2017. These are for all routes from/to Manila as well as Batangas Port but on random dates.

If our team did not covered your plan trip date, kindly do an online check. Doing a trial booking to see schedules and rates are free of charge on 2Go website.

  • Manila to Bacolod fare on March 23 – P 1,757.59
  • Bacolod to Manila ticket price on March 19 – P1,680.00
  • Manila to Butuan Nasipit rate of ticket on March 24 – P 2,764.03
  • Butuan to Manila price of ticket on March 26 – P3,170.13
  • Manila to Cebu City fare on March 1 – P 2,420.51
  • Cebu City to Manila rate on March 28 – P 2,420.51
  • Manila to Cagayan de Oro price on March 2 – P2,106.62
  • Cagayan de Oro to Manila cost of ticket on March 11 – P2,151.20
  • Manila to Dumaguete fare rate on March 12 – P1,957.60
  • Dumaguete to Manila Superferry rate on March 22 – P1,857.60
  • Manila to Dipolog price on March 19 – P2,291.20
  • Dipolog to Manila rate on March 29 – P3,338.87
  • Manila to Iligan fare on March 13 – P2,121.63
  • Iligan to Manila via 2Go on March 15 – P2,271.20
  • Manila to Iloilo 2Go price on March 21 – P1,516.20
  • Iloilo to Manila fare on March 18 – P1,656.20
  • Manila to Ozamiz City price on March 6 – P2,101.20
  • Ozamiz to Manila ticket price on March 15 – P2,421.19
  • Manila to Puerto Princesa boat fare on March 14 – P1,857.60
  • Puerto Princesa to Manila via Superferry on March 25 – P2,157.60
  • Manila to Coron rate on Superferry March 17 – P1,807.60
  • Coron to Manila price of ticket March 26 – P2,482.60
  • Manila to Zamboanga 2Go price on March 28 – P2,607.60
  • Zamboanga to Manila boat fare March 21 – P2,391.20

The 2Go fare on this article are for the cheapest accommodation on Superferry which is usually Super Value Class and Mega Value Class. Price are total, surcharges and fees already included. Travel Insurance is an add-on and we skipped it to get the lowest possible boat fare.

2GO FARE from/to BATANGAS PORT – March 2017

There are 2 code for Batangas, Batangas (BTS) and Batangas (BTG). Superferry boat will leave in Batangas port for both code.

  • Batangas (BTS) to Caticlan Jetty Port on March 4 – P991.59
  • Caticlan to Batangas (BTS) on March 20 – P991.59
  • Batangas (BTS) to Odiongan on March 17 – P991.59
  • Odiongan to Batangas (BTS) on March 31 – P991.59
  • Batangas (BTG) to Caticlan on March 26 – P1,091.60
  • Caticlan to Batangas (BTG) on March 30 – P1,091.60
  • Batangas (BTG) to Odiongan on March 23 – P991.59
  • Odiongan to Batangas (BTG) on March 21 – P991.59
  • Batangas (BTG) to Romblon on March 10 – P1,041.60
  • Romblon to Batangas (BTG) on March 1 – P1,041.60
  • Batangas (BTG) to Roxas on March 3 – P1,141.59
  • Roxas to Batangas (BTG) on March 18 – P1,141.59

All ticket comes with FREE 75 kilos of baggage. Rates changes depending on demand and availability. If you see a low fare from 2Go, we suggest that you book right away. This is because the next time you check, the low ticket price maybe gone if you will not hurry up and book the ticket.

Tickets book online can be paid using ATM card or Credit Card. No payment partner yet of 2Go, we hope in the future options like LBC, Cebuana, Palawan, Western Union, bank over the country will be allowed as legit payment methods.

In case you want to talk with a csr about booking boat tickets in Superferry, call 2Go hotline at (02) 528 7000.

Heads up! Next national holiday there might be a P799, P599, and P499 ticket promo.

Crazy Sale 2017 wherein 5 pesos tickets are available is the most highly demanded of all 2Go promos. Like all byaheros, we hope there will be one soon! Just stay tuned on our next sharings. Follow us on our Facebook Page if you haven’t yet so you will get all good news that will come especially about ticket promos and discounts.

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