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Boat Schedules Bohol to Cagayan de Oro and vice versa Cokaliong | Trans-Asia | Lite Ferries

boat schedules bohol to cagayan de oro

You can take a boat to go from Cagayan de Oro to Bohol via various shipping lines including Trans-Asia, Cokaliong, and Lite Ferries. Check below for the regular trip schedules of these boat transport companies.

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Entry point in Bohol is either Jagna or Tagbilaran. The vice versa routes will be serviced by RORO vessels, so you can bring your vehicles. For car freight charges and rates this 2017, please contact your chosen shipping line.

Please note that there is no boat that sails direct from Manila to Bohol.

Regular passenger rates are indicated below. Promo fares may be available. Book at an accredited ticketing agency or go direct to the office of these shipping companies.

Lite Ferries

Here are the details for the Lite Ferries and Lite Shipping Corporation Bohol to CDO route, and vice versa.

Jagna to CDO regular schedule is every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10 PM.

Lite Ferries Cagayan de Oro to Jagna, Bohol sails every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 PM. There is also another trip every Sunday at 10 AM.

There are currently two types of accommodation for these routes and its Economy Standard (Lying) with P580 fare and Tourist Aircon (Lying) with P680 ticket rates. Cabin and Suite Room not available.

Lite Ferries and Lite Shipping Corporation contact numbers are (032)255-1721 to 26 and (032)414-9001 to 03. Call them up or visit their office if you have concern.

Cokaliong Shipping

M/V Filipinas Jagna sails from Jagna, Bohol to Cagayan de Oro. Departure time is every Sunday at 12 AM. Economy fare is P610 per person, Tourist accommodation is P715, Suite Room starts at P2,000 per room good for 2.

Cokaliong sails from Cagayan de Oro going to Jagna, Bohol every Sunday at 12 PM. Cruising time is 5 hours and a half. Boat ticket fare P610 for Economy, P715 for Tourist, P2,100 per room good for 2 on Suite room accommodation.

Cokaliong Shipping Lines Jagna Office contact number is (038) 531 8095; you can also call their Cagayan de Oro office at (088) 323 1876 or (088) 881 9724.

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines

The regular weekly schedule for Trans-Asia Shipping Lines for their route Tagbilaran, Bohol to Cagayan de Oro is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 PM.

The boat schedule for Cagayan de Oro going to Tagbilaran, Bohol is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 PM.

For vice versa routes above, the regular fare per pax on Trans-Asia is as follows:

  1. 2nd class non-aircon – P660
  2. 2nd class aircon – P690
  3. Tourist – P775
  4. Tourist Deluxe – P870
  5. Cabin – P965
  6. Privat room – P1,090 (room rate)

For any concerns, you may visit the office of Trans-Asia Shipping or call them up at these numbers (038) 411 3234 (Bohol number) or (088) 856 6435 (CDO number).

*All schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact your preferred passenger shipping line if there are changes to their regular schedule. Telephone numbers are indicated above.

Some shipping lines offers promo fares to their passengers, if you want to know the latest promo rates, if there are any, please visit their ticketing office or call them up. For big groups, it is best to coordinate with the marketing department of each passenger shipping lines as they may be able to give you group discounts.

Details for Cebu to Bohol boat schedules, vice versa route

Enjoy your trip to Bohol and Cagayan de Oro!

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