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2Go Travel April 2016 Schedule and Fare Samples | CEBU to MANILA and vice versa

Heads up Super Ferry Promo Fare friends and readers! Here are the schedules for 2Go Cebu to Manila for the whole month of APRIL 2016, and vice versa. You can also find 2Go fare rate and ticket samples on our post. Read on if the sailing dates fits your travel plan.

If you decide to buy one of the tickets for this particular month, you will either be getting on board Superferry vessels St Leo The Great or Pope John Paul II. Based on our trial bookings, 2Go promo April 2016 prices are not the low, low rate that we want. There is no Crazy Sale P5 promo tickets available right now.

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2Go Schedule and Fare April 2016 Manila to Cebu

Superferry April 2016 Cebu to Manila Sailing Schedule

Vessel will depart  Cebu International Port and will arrive in Manila Pier 4. Departure time depends on the boat schedule, which could either be 11:59 AM Tuesday, 1o:00 PM Wednesday, 9:30 PM Friday, 1:30 PM Sunday. Check for more info in the picture below.

 Cebu to Manila 2Go April 2016 Schedule

2Go April 2016 Manila to Cebu Trip Schedule

All Superferry Cebu bound vessels will sail from Pier 4 Manila to Cebu City’s International Port. Check below to see the sailing time of your preferred travel dates.

2Go Superferry April 2016 Schedule

**Trip schedules are subject to change. Please call 2Go telephone number at (02) 528-7000 to confirm the schedule, prices, and other details.

Do Online Booking! Pay and Get Instant Confirmation on your 2016 Superferry promo and regular ticket!


You can reserve and book for your 2Go Travel tickets via Superferry Online Booking at When it’s time to pay your ticket, you have two options, use your ATM Debit Card, or pay using a credit card.

2Go Travel can also deliver your ticket if you live in Metro Manila and select areas of Rizal province, check here to see if your place is included for 2Go book and delivery service.

“I don’t know how to book online, is there another way to book and buy my Superferry ticket for April 2016?”

Answer = Yes, there is. Contact the hotline at (+63) 02 528-7000, a CSR will be able to book your ticket for you.

“We are a huge group, is there a group or bulk discount for 2Go tickets?

Answer = For inquiries like this you can email Superferry at or call the customer interaction center.

Sail away with 2Go Travel this April 2016!


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  1. My mom got stroked and she is bed ridden, do you accept passenger with this kind of health condition? We will be boubd for cebu if your vessel allowa us..

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