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[ 2019 ] 2Go Travel ULTIMATE GUIDE For Passengers – Promos, Schedules, Fares

Sail this 2019! Get details on the number one passenger shipping line in the Philippines, 2Go Travel!

Find out about the Superferry and 2Go Travel destinations and schedules for Manila, Visayas, Mindanao, Palawan as well as sample ticket prices, accommodations, and other handy info on this post.

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Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry, 2Go offers accommodation that’s affordable. Do you want a room for your self and companion? You can book a cabin. Do you want to travel comfortably, be in a room with air-conditioning, but still pay affordable passage fee? Choose Tourist Class!

There are choices, select the best accommodations that fits you perfectly. 

The usual type of accommodations available on the Superferry vessels are as follows:

  • Mega Value 
  • Super Value
  • Tourist Class
  • Business Class
  • Cabin for 2
  • Cabin for 4
  • Suite Room for 2
  • State Room for 2

Fare Breakdown for State and Suite room is computed on a per Room basis. The rest of the other accommodations are on a ‘per person’ basis.

Take note that not all types of accommodation are available on all Superferry. Reach out to 2Go hotline for any concern on accommodations.

2019 2Go Travel Shipping Guide Schedules Rates


SuperFerry Promo Fare gives our readers timely alert of sales and promos. The usual ticket sales are for 2GO promo tickets for Mega Value and Super Value accommodations. Tourist Class and Cabins are rarely, very rarely offered on sale.

These are the sales and promos to watch out for next year 2019:


Nationwide Sea Sale

Festival Sea Sale

Crazy Sale 5 Pesos

Also watch out for promos during holidays as 2Go travel might launch one, like for Valentines Day, graduation season, Labor Day, Independence Day, etc.

PLUS, 2Go participates in major travel expos across the country. Watch out for the likes of Philippine Travel Mart, Travel Madness Sale, etc. Passengers may pay cash in buying ticket thru the booth during these travel expos and exhibits.

Rest assured that our team will bring you news and updates on available promo as soon as 2Go Travel announces them and makes the low fare available for booking. Follow us on Facebook to get alerts!

Buy Superferry Tickets In Different Ways

We advocate for our readers to buy the ticket online since it is convenient and ticket confirmation is also fast. However, the payment method for online booking are limited to only credit card and debit card for now. Payment centres like LBC, 7 Eleven, Palawan, Cebuana Lhuillier, Bayad Centers, DragonPay, are still not available. We are hoping that the management of 2Go will consider adding payment centres to make online booking accessible to more passengers who doesn’t have credit/debit cards.

 *Guide: How to Buy Tickets via website

Book tickets regular and promo via online direct at 2Go via or call hotline to reserve ticket (02) 528 7000. 

Aside from online booking at, tickets are also available via the following:

  • Hotline reservation number 02 528 7000
  • 2Go Travel stores and branches
  • Ticketing outlets or accredited travel agencies or booking outlets

Tickets comes already with linen and free meal(s). The number of meals depends on the route / schedules. 2Go ships are equip with a mini-store and cafeteria, but please manage your expectation since available products are limited. 

Passengers are entitled to a FREE 60 kilos of personal baggage allowance. Personal baggage includes reasonable quantity of clothes, personal effects like hygiene kit, documents, pasalubong and souvenir items for own use, etc. 

GUIDE: Items included in the 60 kilos personal baggage na puede sa Superferry.

If a passenger brings in orocan cabinets, television, commercial volume or quantity of any product, refrigerator, bulky appliances, etc – these will be charged a fee because these items and similar are already considered cargo. 

Speaking of Cargo, motor vehicles are accepted for freight. If you want to bring-in your cars, suvs, vans, trucks, etc., contact 2Go Travel’s LOGISTIC department  for more info on rolling cargo on 2Go.

Passengers who bought a ticket may refund or revalidate ticket subject to terms and conditions. There is a processing charge for this request, the amount depends if the refund/revalidation request was made before vessel departure or after departure.

Revalidation happens when a passenger wishes to change the sailing schedule or type of accommodation. 



  • MANILA to Bacolod 

BACOLOD to Manila

  • MANILA to Iloilo

ILOILO to Manila

  • MANILA to Cebu

CEBU to Manila

  • MANILA to Dumaguete


  • MANILA to Dipolog

DIPOLOG to Manila

  • MANILA to Butuan

BUTUAN to Manila

  • MANILA to Cagayan de Oro


  • MANILA to Iligan

ILIGAN to Manila

  • MANILA to Ozamiz

OZAMIZ to Manila

  • MANILA to Zamboanga


  • MANILA to Coron, Palawan 

CORON to Manila

  • MANILA to Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa to Manila


BATANGAS to Caticlan




BATANGAS to Romblon


BATANGAS to Odiongan



CEBU to Cagayan de Oro, Butuan City, and vice versa

BACOLOD to Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Ozamiz, and vice versa

BUTUAN to Cebu City, and vice versa

CAGAYAN DE ORO to Cebu City, Bacolod, Iloilo, and vice versa

DUMAGUETE to Dipolog, Zamboanga, and vice versa

DIPOLOG to Dumaguete, Zamboaga, and vice versa

DAVAO to General Santos, Iloilo, Zamboanga, and vice versa

GENERAL SANTOS to Davao, Iloilo, Zamboanga, and vice versa

ILIGAN to Iloilo, Bacolod, and vice versa

ILOILO to Bacolod, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, General Santos, Zamboanga, and vice versa

OZAMIZ to Bacolod, Iloilo, Iligan, and vice versa

ZAMBOANGA to Dipolog, Davao, Dumaguete, Iloilo, General Santos, and vice versa


CORON to Puerto Princesa

CATICLAN to Odiongan

ODIONGAN to Caticlan

ROMBLON to Roxas City

ROXAS to Romblon


For today, the schedules of January 2019 are available on the website of 2Go and passengers may book tickets online right away.

These departure dates and times are correct when we checked the official website However, as with any shipping line trip, the schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

2Go January 2019 Schedules TO/FROM MANILA

(Upcoming) 2Go February 2019 Schedules TO/FROM MANILA

(Upcoming) 2Go March 2019 Schedules TO/FROM MANILA

Visit our website again because we will regularly update this shipping guide for the Philippines’ major passenger shipping line, 2Go Superferry as the info comes along for the months of February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December 2019.



The ticket rate on 2Go are not fix, the prices can get super cheap especially during Sea Sale promos. The rates can also go up a bit during peak season like Holy Week, Undas, Christmas and holiday times. 

We are sharing with readers the rates which are listed on the official website as of today, December 8 for MEGA/VALUE class accommodation for a random date in January 2019. Use the info below as guides only. 

We only showed one-way rate, if you want the return route ticket price, we suggest that you also do a trial booking online or call up the hotline for the exact fare for your chosen route.

Again, the ticket prices on Superferry may increase or decrease, depends on the selected travel date and demand/supply situation, and if there is a promo or not.

FARE MANILA to Bacolod – P 2,107.61

FARE MANILA to Iloilo – P 2,057.60

FARE MANILA to Cebu – P 1,988.31

FARE MANILA to Dumaguete – P2,407.60

FARE MANILA to Dipolog – P 3,378.46

FARE MANILA to Davao – P 2,353.25

FARE MANILA to General Santos – P 2,397.74

FARE MANILA to Butuan – P 2,029.66

FARE MANILA to Cagayan de Oro – P 1,485.58

FARE MANILA to Iligan – P 2,607.60

FARE MANILA to Ozamiz – P 2,601.60

FARE MANILA to Zamboanga – P 2,507.60

FARE MANILA to Coron, Palawan – P 1,413.59

FARE MANILA to Puerto Princesa – P 1,568.07

2Go Ticket Prices BATANGAS routes

FARE BATANGAS to Caticlan – P 1,291.59

FARE BATANGAS to Roxas – P 1,241.60

FARE BATANGAS to Romblon – P 1,369.59

FARE BATANGAS to Odiongan – P 1,141.59

Other 2Go Inter-Island Routes TICKET PRICES

FARE CEBU to Cagayan de Oro – P 810.18

FARE CEBU to Butuan City – P 1,745.43

FARE BACOLOD to Iligan – P 2,454.59

FARE BACOLOD to Cagayan de Oro – P 3,645.94

FARE BACOLOD to Ozamiz – P 2,334.55

FARE BUTUAN to Cebu City – P 944.18

FARE CAGAYAN DE ORO to Iloilo – P 2,478.85

FARE DUMAGUETE to Dipolog – P 1,129.15

FARE DUMAGUETE to Zamboanga – P 1,667.18

FARE DIPOLOG to Zamboanga – P 1,627.98

FARE DAVAO to General Santos – P 1,289.09

FARE DAVAO to Iloilo – P 3,073.28

FARE DAVAO to Zamboanga – P 1,962.53

FARE GENERAL SANTOS to Iloilo – P 2,361.59

FARE GENERAL SANTOS to Zamboanga – P 1,665.73

FARE ILIGAN to Iloilo – P 2,315.39

FARE ILIGAN to Bacolod – P 2,471.39

FARE ILOILO to Bacolod – P 631.61

FARE ILOILO to Zamboanga – P 1,805.39

FARE OZAMIZ to Bacolod – P 2,562.94

FARE OZAMIZ to Iloilo – P 2,406.94

FARE OZAMIZ to Iligan – P 901.15

FARE PUERTO PRINCESA to Coron – P 2,246.26

FARE CATICLAN to Odiongan – P 1,137.07

FARE ROMBLON to Roxas City – P 945.19

Quoted prices above are one-way, and are correct at the time we made a trial booking. Ticket rates may change. Use the list of fares above as reference only. 

Discounts are given to Senior Citizens, students, PWDS, upon presentation of the appropriate ID.

Are you bringing an INFANT? Read about the rules.

2Go Travel considers infants those children who are 1 month old to 2 years old and below one (1) meter in height, and maybe allowed to board the vessel. The guardian or parents are advised to secure a medical certificate and identification proving their relationship with the accompanying passengers (birth certificate, DSWD authority to travel for a minor, etc).

The infant will be sharing the bed or bunk or room of the accompanying adult / guardian. The parent or guardian will need to pay P205.00 per infant. Only 2 infants per adult passenger are allowed. 


*Pregnant passengers who are MORE THAN 24 weeks or 6 months along the way will not be accepted onboard Superferry. 


Minor passengers who are below 18 years old and are travelling alone, MUST BE accompanied by their parents or legal guardians at the port. The parents or guardian will then endorsed the minor to the Boarding Officers, the parents/guardian are required to sign a waiver.

Minor passengers should be fetched by their declared representative/s at the port of destination. The minor passenger will be put on-hold for release and will be endorsed to Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in the absence of their representatives.


1. One (1) copy of the eTicket Itinerary receipt (print the ticket).

2. Presentation of the Passengers Valid ID (one valid ID).

Here is a list of Valid IDs acceptable for boarding a 2Go Superferry vessel

Government-issued IDs

  • PRC ID (Professional ID issued by PRC)
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Senior Citizen’s ID (OSCA)
  • Federation of Senior Citizens ID (FSCA)
  • Postal ID
  • NBI Certificate
  • TIN ID (issued by BIR)
  • Voter’s ID

Other Accepted IDs

  • Company ID
  • Student ID

GUIDE: Common Questions and Answers for 2Go Superferry

For any clarification, questions, or concerns, please visit any corporate branches of 2GO or call them up at the hotline 02 528 7000. You may also ask the telephone customer service representative about any on-going ticket promos and sale.

Our team advise is that if you want to save money, book and buy when there is a 2GO promo 2019 offers.

Follow our Facebook page and community if you want to get update. Thank you! 

Byahe na with 2Go Travel this 2019!!!

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