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2Go Available Promo To Mindanao, Visayas, and Boracay

This is the latest to go promo for 2016. If you are planning to sail with Superferry in the coming months especially October and November better book your tickets now during this promo fare of 2Go Travel. Available boat tickets on promo right now are for sailing this 2016 which includes Manila to Mindanao destinations, […]

2Go DU30 SPECIAL PROMO – Sail with Superferry this 2016

Today is the official proclamation of President elect Rodrigo Duterte and 2Go celebrates by giving out Superferry promo fares!!! Avail of this ONE DAY ONLY Booking today June 30, 2016 for various routes of 2Go Travel. Find promo tickets as low as P730 from Manila to Mindanao, P530 from Manila to Visayas / Palawan, and […]

2Go Promo Available Only on Election Day – Book Immediately on May 9

2Go Travel will have a promo for ONE DAY ONLY on Election Day, May 9! They call it BOAT WISELY promo! After you vote, make sure to also book your Superferry tickets dahil isang araw na promo lang eto.  Find boat tickets as low as P799 Manila to Mindanao destinations, P599 Manila to Visayas, and […]

2Go Promo Tickets Leap Year Sale – March, April, May, and June 2016

NEW PROMO of 2Go Travel Superferry! This is the latest promo fare available in celebration of the Leap Year! Book during this special ticket sale promotion of Superferry and go on a holiday, a visit to your home province, or just to explore the amazing tourist spots in the Philippines. Search and find promo tickets to Bacolod, […]

2GO TRAVEL SCHEDULES 2016 – MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE to select destinations

For those looking to sail on the months of March, April, May, and June of this year, you may want to read this post in full. 2Go Travel Superferry online booking for March to June 2016 is now available for most routes. This means you can start reserving and buying your ticket now. There are […]

LATEST P599 and P799 2GO Superferry Promo Fare for 2016!

Superferry Valentines 2016 Promo are now available for booking!!! Limited tickets on sale so book agad agad! The total cost of your Superferry ticket 2016 is = promo base fare + security fee + web admin fee + insurance (optional) + linen (optional) Manila to Visayas is as low as P599 base fare. Manila to […]

2Go Promo 2016 March, April, May, and June – BOOK NOW!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016, Superferry announced their latest 2Go Promo 2016! Included destinations are Manila to Visayas destinations, Manila to Mindanao, Batangas to MPH. Book now, and book fast! Find Superferry promo ticket as low as P499 base fare. Is this all you will pay? No, because aside from the base fare, there […]